St. Peter’s Lodge


St. Peter’s Lodge, in Love Lane Wisbech, is our Parish’s funky faith and arts house. It has two floors: the ground floor has an arts workshop space, media and library room, kitchen, lavatory and storage areas. The first floor is the visiting artist’s self- contained apartment, with art studio, bedroom, kitchenette, and shower room. It has a spectacular view over the gardens of the cultural precinct.

The renovations at the Lodge have been made possible by our community/business partnerships, principally with Foster’s Property Management. Their team of expert tradesmen helped transform the building making it ready for the creative young people of this town.

The Lodge has wonderful secret garden, surrounded by an important 18th Century brick wall, has been revitalised by the hard work of Mr Barry Blackwell – landscape gardener. He has created a great imaginative space for children and families.