Church Ladies Group

This group was formed around September 1980 and originally called the Young Wives. At the time Mothers Union had a branch group for younger women but the Young Wives decided to remain separate.
The group is a non-profitmaking group who invite speakers to all but two months of the year; in June they hold their AGM so it is purely a business meeting then in November the group go out for a meal together. In March an invite goes out to other ladies from other church groups to join them for food and companionship, a suitable speaker is asked to entertain the large group of about 70 to 80 ladies.
As the years went on the Young Wives became older and the name was deemed not so fitting for the group so it was renamed St. Peters Ladies Group now fondly shortened to Slpags. The group remains a non-profitmaking group but some speakers work for very worthwhile causes so various events are organised to raise money to give when they entertain the group. If a speaker is not attached to a charitable organisation they are given a small gift as a token of appreciation. At the end of the year any monies left are donated to the church towards the upkeep.
The Church Rose Fair is the main fundraiser for the upkeep of the church and many members of Slpags work very hard over the four days, they organise and serve food, man the raffle, do the washing up and act as security for the collection jars as well as many other tasks that come up. Many meetings take place to make sure everything is in place for the occasion, these start in the September following that year’s Fair.
The Group meets once a month, on the last Monday evening, at 7 40pm, there is a subscription of £5, payable in September each year, which pays for the tea/coffee etc. If any lady would like to come and join a meeting they are most welcome for a small charge of 50p